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5 Important Tips When Brewing With Kids Around


 If you are like me,  you are a parent who enjoys the pleasure of brewing your own beer.  It is your time to feel like you can still serve a purpose outside of changing diapers,  wiping butts, and wiping noses.  Finding time to brew a batch of beer is damn near impossible.  Therefore,  you have to make time while maintaining your duty as a parent.  Since you generally work Monday-Friday and are busy doing meaningless shit on Saturday,  you tend to brew on Sundays.  That is also a day when your kids are bored and need your undivided attention.  It is best explained as trying to brew beer in the bed of a truck while driving down a country road.

Whether you want them to or not,  your kids will want to know what you are doing.  They will also feel the urge to “HELP” you.  This is not the same kind of help as a friend who is there to assist with the brewing process.  It is the kind of help that somehow makes you late on adding your hops,  boiling off your wort until you have 2 gallons of beer left, or forgetting to check the temp before dropping the yeast.  Brewing with kids basically sucks.

The funny thing is you still brew despite the odds not being in your favor.  Beer is your escape and you are going to brew this batch of beer no matter what!  Here are some tips to keep in mind when brewing with kids around.

1.  It is OK to brew beer and allow your kids to play a  helper role…however…make sure your kids do not go to school and tell their teachers they make beer with Dad.

2.  Keep an eye on all of your supplies at all times.  Otherwise,  you will be making a trip during your boil to the home brew store.

3.  Make sure you establish a safe zone for your boil.  Not only are you dealing with a hot flame,  you are dealing with 200 degree wort!   See below for my homemade contraption.

4.  Keep all glass items away from your kids!  They will break it if they can find a way to touch it.

5.  Do not dump your mash tun in a place your 2 year old will find it.  It does not make good sand castles but its like removing glue from a kid’s hands and hair.