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Beer Find – Stop n Go (Clifton, OH)



Who would have thought such an awesome beer selection would be hiding at Stop n Go in Clifton, OH.  From the looks of this place one would assume Busch Light and King Cobra are the extent of their beer selection.  Well…that assumption is wrong.  BeerMumbo field reporter Amy Taylor sent in this picture displaying the beer porn available here.

141 W Mcmillan St
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219
United States
phone: (513) 751-5795

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Beer Find – The Village Shoppe And Go – Evendale, OH



Tucked away in Evendale, OH is a small drive thru with one hell of a craft beer selection.  I know,  most drive thrus only sell high gravity or water beers.  This is the exception.  The owner really takes pride in finding those special beers that you may not be able to locate at even your large scale beer suppliers.  If you are looking for something,  the owner will do what he can to find it for you.  How awesome is that?  They even give your kids free suckers which always provides that open opportunity when you drive by the place and your kids see it and remember about the suckers.  WIN!  I am forever a customer to The Village Shoppe.


Hey look what I found there.  Breakfast Stout and Finest Kind IPA…both rated 100 by the bros at Beer Advocate.  These are just a few of the many awesome beers.  Want an example of some others?

Ballast Point (even Sculpin)
Founders selections
Perpetual IPA


3011 Glendale Milford Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Neighborhood: Evendale

(513) 563-1992

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Beer Find – VILLAGE KEG WINE & SPIRIT SHOP – Greenhills, OH


Address: 5 Enfield St, Cincinnati, OH 45218 (around the right hand side of what is left of the Greenhills shopping center)

I was heading to a festival and happened to see this place. My wife said her Dad used to go in there every once in a while when she was a kid. I thought I would stop in and see if this place had any decent beers. First thing I noticed was the Six Point in the bottom of the beer cooler. WIN! Why in the bottom?  FAIL. They also have quite a selection of other crafts beers.  Stone…etc. If you do not see something and would like it…he will order it for you. That is a nice hook up people.

I bought a bomber of Southern Tier Gemini and of course the Resin.