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Beer Review: Sierra Nevada – Torpedo Extra IPA (Mumbo Score: 100)

Sierra Nevada - Torpedo Extra IPA

BeerMumbo Score: 100

Brewed by:  Sierra Nevada
Style: American IPA
ABV: 7.20%

First of all, when I drop a century rating on a beer, I mean it. This is by far one of the best IPAs made. Dark orange rust coloring with a moderate sticky head. Citrus…Pine…slight Grapefruit…Carmel Malt backbone and balls. Did I mention the perfect balance of bitterness with each swig? Well, now you know about the Torpedo beer porn and the BeerMumbo seal of approval.

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Founders Brewing Company – Breakfast Stout (Mumbo Score: 100)

Founders - Breakfast Stout

BeerMumbo Score: 100

Brewed by:  Founders Brewing Company
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 8.30%

You’ve got to love coffee to truly appreciate this phenomenal brew. Brewed with an abundance of flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, Sumatra and Kona coffee. We’re actually not sure if this is some type of coffee cake or a beer. Either way you can drink this ale with a fork. Breakfast Stout has an intense fresh roasted coffee nose topped with a cinnamon colored frothy head that seems to never fade and makes you wish breakfast could last forever.


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Stone Brewing Co. – Ken Schmidt / Iron Fist / Stone Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout (Mumbo Score: 96)

Ken Schmidt / Iron Fist / Stone Mint Chocolate Imperial Stout

BeerMumbo Score: 96

Brewed by: Stone Brewing Co.
Style: Imperial Stout
ABV: 9.6%

Of course, we had one helluva beer to recreate, so we naturally sought out the highest quality ingredients. Barley, hops, water, and yeast… no problem. But on the chocolate side, we went on the hunt for killer cacao and we found it thanks to SoCal chocolatier ChocoVivo. Owner Patricia Tsai stone-grinds the beans that she sources from a single organic farmer in Tabasco, MX. The beans are fermented for a very short period of time, resulting in less acidity that allows a truly wonderful roasty-toasty flavor to shine through. On the mint side, we used a blend of vibrant peppermint and chocolate mint organically grown on our very own Stone Farms, located just nine miles away from our brewery.

Delicious as it was turning out, we found that it was still lacking some of the minty cool freshness that was present in Ken’s beer. Admittedly, Ken’s delectable homebrew had been created with a chocolate mint extract, and we found that even though we tried to replicate that flavor with the cacao and fresh mint, the punch of cool mint just wasn’t coming through enough. So sayeth Brewmaster Mitch: “The problem with fresh mint is that it doesn’t come across like a mint extract, which is far more intense, and more familiar tasting. And even though it’s not our normal practice, we decided that replicating Ken’s beer was the priority, so we searched long and hard for the right 100% natural flavor to get as close to his homebrew as possible.” (Hence the “Ale brewed with cocoa and mint with natural flavors added” line on the bottle. Word.)



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Brasserie Cantillon – Cantillon Rosé De Gambrinus (Mumbo Score: 94)

Brasserie Cantillon - Cantillon Rosé De Gambrinus

BeerMumbo Score: 94

Brewed by: Brasserie Cantillon
Style: Fruit Lambic
ABV: 5.0%

“It has the colour of onion skin”, said a voice behind me. It was Raymond Coumans. He was admiring the colour of the raspberry lambic reflecting in the red copper of the buckets used to empty the barrels. At that time (1986), “Raspberry-Lambic” already was synonymous with a sweet, artificially flavoured beer. This is why we decided to distinguish our beer from the other raspberry beers. Raymond proposed to call it a rosé, dedicated not to Bacchus but to Gambrinus.

The process to make this beer is identical to the one to make Kriek. When young, the Rosé de Gambrinus will still present its full fruity taste. Later on, the lambic taste will become dominant at the expense of the fruit taste.

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Beer Find – Everything’s d’Vine (Cincinnati, OH)

Everything’s d’Vine
320 W. Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 967-9116


A new craft beer and wine boutique has opened up in Downtown Cincinnati. They have softly been open since 11/1/2012 but the inventory has been growing by the hour. The Brew Professor and I stopped in for a quick lunch stop and both left the place with bottles of beer.

I picked up a bottle of Dogfish Head’s – 75 Minute IPA for $7.99 and Buzzards Bay – Moby D for $4.99. I was tempted to buy a bottle of Hoptologist at 102 IBU but I chickened out. I’ll save that one for another day.

Overall, this place has a lot of potential and if you live or work in Downtown Cincinnati, there is now a place to buy good beer and wine.

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Beer Find – The Root Cellar (Kenwood, OH)



Who would have thought such a discrete place on Montgomery Rd.  would have such a huge selection of craft beers.  Yes…also in single bottle.  This might be the best spot for miles around the Kenwood area.  It is located next to Skyline and Larosas.  If you like beers…stop in this place people!  I stopped by and got an awesome 6 pack of craft beer with a few that I have not seen in Cincy before.


These guys are total hop heads and know their IPAs.  They also had a bad ass collection of darker beers for guys like me who enjoy both.  Fat Head?  They have it.  Bitches Brew?  They have it.  Voodoo?  They have it.  Get the idea?

7699 Montgomery Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45236
Neighborhood: Kenwood

(513) 984-4111

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Beer Find – Marty’s Hops and Vines (College Hill, OH)



Let me start off by saying this place is by far the best hidden gem in Cincinnati.  Awesome beer selection! Awesome wine selection!  Now…awesome food!  Marty is also a pretty damn good guy.  When you pull around back and park, it is assumed that this place is tiny with nothing inside.  Once inside you are taken by the amazing selection of beers and extremely nice staff.  If you are looking for some rare beers,  this is the place to go.  Did I mention the awesome selection of crafts beer on draft.  I promise you that something will be on draft that you have never had before.  Stop out and visit Marty!

6110 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224
(513) 681-4222

Top photo credited to Marty’s Hops and Vines
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Beer Find – Stop n Go (Clifton, OH)



Who would have thought such an awesome beer selection would be hiding at Stop n Go in Clifton, OH.  From the looks of this place one would assume Busch Light and King Cobra are the extent of their beer selection.  Well…that assumption is wrong.  BeerMumbo field reporter Amy Taylor sent in this picture displaying the beer porn available here.

141 W Mcmillan St
Cincinnati, Ohio, 45219
United States
phone: (513) 751-5795

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Beer Find – The Village Shoppe And Go – Evendale, OH



Tucked away in Evendale, OH is a small drive thru with one hell of a craft beer selection.  I know,  most drive thrus only sell high gravity or water beers.  This is the exception.  The owner really takes pride in finding those special beers that you may not be able to locate at even your large scale beer suppliers.  If you are looking for something,  the owner will do what he can to find it for you.  How awesome is that?  They even give your kids free suckers which always provides that open opportunity when you drive by the place and your kids see it and remember about the suckers.  WIN!  I am forever a customer to The Village Shoppe.


Hey look what I found there.  Breakfast Stout and Finest Kind IPA…both rated 100 by the bros at Beer Advocate.  These are just a few of the many awesome beers.  Want an example of some others?

Ballast Point (even Sculpin)
Founders selections
Perpetual IPA


3011 Glendale Milford Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Neighborhood: Evendale

(513) 563-1992

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Beer Find – VILLAGE KEG WINE & SPIRIT SHOP – Greenhills, OH


Address: 5 Enfield St, Cincinnati, OH 45218 (around the right hand side of what is left of the Greenhills shopping center)

I was heading to a festival and happened to see this place. My wife said her Dad used to go in there every once in a while when she was a kid. I thought I would stop in and see if this place had any decent beers. First thing I noticed was the Six Point in the bottom of the beer cooler. WIN! Why in the bottom?  FAIL. They also have quite a selection of other crafts beers.  Stone…etc. If you do not see something and would like it…he will order it for you. That is a nice hook up people.

I bought a bomber of Southern Tier Gemini and of course the Resin.