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25 Awesome and Somewhat Ridiculous Beer Gifts – 2016

Beer Gifts

The list has been updated for the 2016 season!  Sometimes, we have to buy gifts for those loved ones who are hard to impress or refuse to tell us what in the hell they want.  Everyone loves to open a gift and receive something totally kick ass.  The hardest part is coming up with an unexpected item that will blow their mind!  Everyone remembers the awesome beer gift.

Ask yourself the question, “Does this person like beer?”.  If you answered yes, here are 25 amazing and somewhat ridiculous beer related gifts that are sure to bring a smile!

1. Brewer’s Best Beast Equipment Kit w/ Better Bottle

Homebrew kit


BREWER’S BEAST EQUIPMENT KIT WITH BETTER BOTTLE The most complete equipment kit in the homebrew industry is now available from Brewer’s Best®. The Brewer’s BeAst includes everything your customers need to make the finest batch of beer (by using a Brewer’s Best® ingredient kit, of course) in one box. Equipment kit includes: 6.5 gallon “Ale Pail” Primary Fermenter with Grommeted Lid 6.5 gallon “Ale Pail” Bottling Bucket with Spigot Easy Clean No-Rinse Cleanser Auto-Siphon 5 Gallon Better Bottle® Carboy Plastic Paddle Carboy Brush Hydrometer Liquid Crystal Thermometer Bottle Brush Black Beauty Capper Econolock Drilled Bung Lab Thermometer Bottle Filler Siphon Hose with Shut-off Clamp IO-Star 20 qt. Brew Pot Equipment Instructions.

2. Beer-infused Hot Sauce (Variety Pack) – Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, & Roasty Chipotle



















You’re holding this bottle in your hand because you enjoy unique things. You like bold flavors. You may even enjoy a beer now and again. We made this for you. Our beer-infused hot sauce is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients right here in the USA. Use it sparingly… or generously. Asian Sriracha Ingredients: Beer, Cayenne Chiles, Carrots, Sugar, Vinegar, Garlic, Salt. Garlic Serrano Ingredients: Beer, Habanero & Serrano Chile Peppers, Garlic, Vinegar, Lime, Salt. Smokey Chipotle Ingredients: Beer, Chile Peppers (Chipotle, Habanero, & Cayenne), Garlic, Onion, Vinegar, Black Pepper, Salt.

3. Beer Soap

beer soap

Beer soap makes a great gift for your favorite beer drinker, homebrewer, or yourself! Scent Descriptions: Oatmeal Stout – Amazingly delicious beer soap that smells like oatmeal stout beer, crushed oats, honey, and milk… don’t eat it! IPA – This soap is made with IPA beer and ground hops, giving it a spicy, herbal, and earthy scent. Vanilla Porter – Made with porter beer and vanilla, this one gives notes of vanilla, brown sugar, and blackberry. Apricot Wheat – Made with apricot wheat beer and walnuts. It gives off scents of apricot, spice, and malt. Belgian Witbier – Soap made with Belgian Witbier, orange peel, and coriander. This one smells spicy, citrusy, and sweet! Honey Pilsner – Made with pilsner beer, honey, and crushed oats, this one has a scent with notes of vanilla, honey, and melon.

4. BeerSmarts: The Question and Answer Cards that makes learning about Beer easy and fun



Do you know a porter from a stout? Or a lager from an ale? Pop open BeerSmarts and find out everything about your favorite beverage. These colorful question and answer cards quench your thirst for information about the culture, history, brewing, and favorite ways to drink beer. Now grab your friends and pick a card and find out: What makes a beer skunky? Waht’s a lambic beer? Where is the oldest brewery in America?

5. Big Mouth Toys The Beast Giant Fist Shaped Drink Kooler

Foam Hand Beer Coozie


Gigantic hulk like fist will keep your drink cold. Made from flesh colored foam, this enormous drink kooler is a lot of fun.

6. Big Mouth Toys Beer Belt / 6 Pack Holster(Black)

beer belt


You’ll be the hit of the tailgater party or fishing trip with this belt! Or give it as a gift to your husband so he can wear it while he is doing yard work. Wraps around the waist, secures with an adjustable size straps, and conveniently holds 6 cans of beer or any other beverage can.

7. All 50 States Beer Cap Maps – Glossy Wood – Skyline Workshop
















The three point retention system securely holds standard size [twist and popoff] beer caps in style. Mount it on your wall with the included nails that fit into several pre-drilled mounting holes. The map is crafted out of high quality 1/4″ wood and has a glossy smooth UV-resistant wood finish already applied and will look great against any background. Our Beer Cap Maps are the ultimate gift for the beer connoisseur in your life. The maps also make phenomenal groomsmen gifts for all your beer-drinking friends. Hang this highly detailed map above your bar, in your garage, man cave, kitchen, or brewery. It’s a great way to show off the places you’ve been, the local brews you love, or just your favorite color caps. No matter how the beer was, we promise you’ll love this map. Here at Skyline Workshop, we’re proud to make the most detailed and highest quality beer cap maps on the market today, and we back that with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied for any reason, contact us and we’ll make it right as quickly as possible. From the lumberyard where we source our raw material to the final steps of packaging up your new map, we do our best to maintain excellence at every step of the process. We hope you’ll choose Skyline Workshop because you know you’ll get the best. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, please contact us and we’ll make it right.

8. Das Horn Drinking Vessel



Kick it Greco-Roman style with the Das Horn Drinking Vessel.

Styled after ancient drinking horns made from the horns of sheep, goats, and other bovids (ya know, horn-producing mammals), Das Horn holds 24 ounces (709 mL) of your favorite brew.

Das Horn includes a display stand for exhibiting it during non-party hours as well as a removable neck strap for hands-free use.

Dishwasher safe and made from BPA-free plastic

9. Das Beer Boot

Das Boot


Das Boot! There’s just something exhilarating about knocking back a few cold ones from this substantial Glass Beer Boot.

Popularized by German soldiers celebrating battle victories, beer boots are the world’s most Johann Badarse way to consume a stiff stout.

Because each Glass Beer Boot is hand-blown, its capacity varies slightly between each one. However, you should be able to cram 40-48 ounces of delicious brew into the Glass Beer Boot.

10. Beer Hammer Bottle Opener
Beer Hammer


Drinking beer whilst operating heavy tools and machinery probably isn’t the best idea, but if you’re ever doing some DIY and fancy a cold one, rest assured you won’t be left thirsty with the Friday afternoon hammer. The fully functional hammer can be used for sorting out those nails. Flip it over and the other end has been converted into a bottle opener.

11. MLB Officially Licensed 16-Ounce Color Changing Pint Glass

Reds pint glass


These officially licensed 16 ounce pint glasses have a satin etch pattern that changes to the team color when an ice cold beverage is poured into it! See the before and after image as shown! Amazing!

12. TrailKeg Pressurized Growler System


















The complete TrailKeg pressurized growler system! Just add beer. This package is adventure ready and makes it possible to enjoy great beer in great places. #greatbeeringreatplaces So whats included? And why is it so special? I’m glad you asked… Included: TrailKeg Lid with Internally Integrated Safety Pressure Relief Valve, TrailKeg 64oz Growler, Picnic Tap, Regulator TrailKeg Lid: Corny Keg Ball Lock (Liquid Out) – 90psi Safety Pressure Vent – Quick Disconnect Regulator Port (Only compatible with TrailKeg Regulator Included) TrailKeg 64oz Growler: 64oz – Stainless Steel – Vacuum Insulated Picnic Tap: Standard Ball Lock Disconnect – High Quality Beer Tubing Regulator: Quick Disconnect Design – Compatible with Threaded 16g CO2 – 0 to 30 psi range (Includes 2 cartridges)

13. Zymurgy – 12 Month/6 Issue Subscription



For 27 years, Zymurgy has been the leading light for amateur brewers in North America and around the world. It features innovative and award-winning recipes, discussions of equipment building, explanations of brewing science and presentations of brewing techniques in addition to a healthy dose of beer culture.

Your subscription comes with a full year membership to the American Homebrewers Association. Included with the membership are discounts to over 300 breweries and pubs nationwide as well as a subscription to the online talk forum, TechTalk.

14. The Grain Father – All Grain Brewing System (120V)


















The Grain father is your all in one brewing system to make beer from grain. The sleek look, user friendly design, and innovative features, make this your perfect brewing companion for both experienced and beginner all grain brewers. This superior unit includes: 304 grade stainless steel superior body tempered glass lid magnetic drive pump (6 watt, 1800 RPM) pump filter expandable grain basket to suit all sized grain bills, bottom mesh for grain basket built in electric element gauze filter to keep hops and stray grain in the boiler temperature and pump control, recirculation pipe with insulated handle, clips to attach alchemist series pot still setup for distilling 8 US Gal capacity 1600 Watt. Element counter flow wort chiller with copper inner coil 500 g.

15. 300 Beers to Try Before You Die!

300 Beers to try before you die


From Belgian fruit beers to hoppy cask ales, small-production microbrews to Czech Republic lagers, this is a personal and comprehensive portfolio of international beers compiled by one of the world’s leading beer writers. In this unique and beautifully illustrated collection, he has distilled decades of beer knowledge into an entertaining and indispensable guide to the ales that no beer lover should miss. The book divides beers by type, including bitters, best bitters, pilsners, brown and mild ales, pale ales, extra strong beers and bitters, old ales and barley wines, golden ales, porters and stouts, alt and amber ales, fruit beers, and beires de garde, each comprising an alphabetical listing of the beers. Many of the entries are fully illustrated, and each beer comes complete with a box panel for adding your own tasting notes. Information on the country of origin, beer strength, brewery, and a detailed description of the beer and its history are also given.

16. 6-Bottle Bike Bag

6pack bike carrier


Great bike accessory for your adventures, picnics and football games. This 6-slot Bike bag is a saddle bag with six compartments for carrying up to six bottles; The bag is made of dark grey canvas with black velcro strap and orange plastic exterior. A “must have” for all cyclists. It easily fits on the middle bar and offers plenty of storage space when you´re on the go. Handle for easy carrying.

17. The Go Plate – 10 Pack

















The Go Plate is a 1-handed party plate with 4 compartments that attaches to almost any cup, bottle, can or wine glass. Makes it easy to eat & drink without a table or chair, perfect for barbeques, parties, picnics, camping tailgating & more.

18. Shakoolie – The Original Shower Beer Koozie (Black)

Shower Coozie


Want a Better Shower Beer? One night, we asked ourselves “what if you could just stick your beer to that shower wall?” It was glorious friends – one of those “aha” moments. We combined a simple foam koozie with industrial grade velcro to create shower beer awesomeness. Not only is your beer now hands free, it also stays ice cold in a steamy shower. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself – “is it really that good?” Of course! The shower beer is the most relaxing thing on the planet. It’s great before going out. It’s great after work. Plus with Shakoolie, that hands free experience allows you to relax and enjoy your shower. We all love a good beer in the shower, and we’re just two guys who set out to make that experience better. So go ahead and pick up a Shakoolie today!

19. Beer Steins by King – Black German

King Beer Stein























 This extraordinary 0.5l (approx.. 16.90 oz.) beer stein features the Deutschland Coat of Arms on a German flag background in the center panel. The center panel is framed by a rich gold band relief. Finished in a black feathered glaze this beer stein represents some of the highest quality craftsmanship in the industry.

Compared to those Chinese, potentially toxic Chinese knock offs, this stein is produced from finest German clay and features a very thick and durable construction.

The stein is topped with a richly ornamented 100% lead free pewter lid. The lid is attached by hand and features a very sturdy stem and hinge mechanism which won’t fall apart after a few uses.

You really should watch out for those cheap Chinese knock offs with machine attached lids. You can easy identify them by a seam going through the hinge and stem. They are typically produced from very thin material and you won’t get much enjoyment out of them. 

This authentic German beer stein is the absolute must have for any beer enthusiast. 

If you drink your beer out of this beer stein it will just taste so much better than it ever did before.

But even better, if you put this stein into a freezer before use, it will keep your beer very cool for a long time. It’s really nice for the hot summer month and the outdoor party.

Instead of drinking out of the beer stein you can also use it just as a collectible. Since this beer mug is an authentic German product produced by King-Werks, one of the only remaining beer stein factories it can be a valuable addition to your collection.

If you decide to give this beer stein as a gift for a special occasion or you want to make your wedding special and share the experience of this German beer stein with all of your groomsmen. It will guaranteed be one of the best gifts you ever gave

20. Libbey Craft Brews Beer Flight 6-Ounce Clear Pilsner Glass Set, 5-Piece


Beer Tasting


This Craft Brews beer flight set is excellent for sampling small quantities of a variety of different brews. It’s great for parties or times when you only want a small glass of beer. The complete set contains four 6 ounce pilsner glasses, measuring 5” tall and 2-5/8” in diameter and one wood carrier, measuring 3.6” by 17”. It’s a great bachelor, housewarming, or host gift, as well as an excellent addition for the beer lovers collection. It is part of the Libbey Craft Brews collection. Glasses are dishwasher safe and made in the USA. Wood carrier is made in China and hand-washing is recommended.

21. Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Beer-Can Chicken Rack
Beer Can chicken


Steven Raichlen wrote the book on beer can chicken – literally. This ingenious device makes the process easier and virtually fail proof. Square construction gives you greater stability. The bird won’t tip and beer won’t spill. All stainless steel, so it will not react with food. Metal holder adapts to both beer cans and the included unique stainless steel canister, which you can fill with wine, fruit juice, or other flavorful liquid. Metal drip pan collects meat juices for sauces and prevents dripping fat from erupting into flare-ups.

22. SET OF 2 – Hopside Down Beer Glass

Hopside Down Beer glass


This Hopside down glass-in-a-glass keeps beer colder longer on the inside with no condensation on the outside. Enjoy your next tall, cold one in this fun, lightweight double-walled glass. It keeps up to 12 ounces of your favorite brew or beverage icy cold longer without breaking a sweat… literally! No more warming your beer with your hands. The Double-wall helps insulate your drink. Set of 2, each measure 7 1/2 inch tall and 3 1/4 inch diameter at the top.

23. Demdaco Big Sky Carvers 70515 Set of 4 Shotgun Shell Coasters

12 gauge coasters



  • Set of 4
  • Coaster holder has foam pads to protect table surfaces.
  • Holder resembles the stock of a gun.
  • Coasters resemble the end of a 12 gauge shotgun shell.

24. RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler 12oz

















The RTIC Can is designed to keep your 12 oz. can or bottle ice cold. The stainless steel, double wall vacuum insulation and locking gasket seals in the cold. Easy to clean.

25. Fred & Friends Port A Pint Folding Beer Glass

Port a Pint


Fred & Friends Port A Pint Folding Beer Glass.


The Bonus Item: Hop Candy-Cascade Flavored Hard Candy

Hop Candy

Hard candy made with real Cascade hops. This 4 ounce bag contains approximately 21 individually wrapped hard Cascade hop candies. The sweetness of the candy and the bitterness of the Cascade mingle in your mouth, with a taste reminiscent of the sweet/bitter taste of freshly boiled wort. Great for when you want the taste of fresh Cascade, but don’t want to drink.


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Beer Mumbo’s Hopped Out Hummus Recipe



Making hummus is extremely easy and can save a lot of money if you make it at home.  Being an IPA fan, I created this awesome hopped hummus recipe that is super easy to make.  Give it a try.  


Food processor (this is my food processor)
Rubber baking spatula
Storage containers


1 (15-ounce can of chickpeas)
1 garlic clove (peeled and crushed)
1/4 cup of tahini 
1/4 cup of IPA (add more to achieve consistency as needed)
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
Juice of 1 medium sized lemon
Salt as needed

Combine all ingredients in food processor and puree to desired consistency.  You may need to add extra IPA to achieve consistency.  If your IPA is bitter or aromatic, you may want to add water to achieve consistency instead of more IPA.  Just taste is as you go along.  Add salt or more lemon if needed.  Store in containers.


It’s a hummus Saturday… $0.15 per ounce – Homemade $0.30 per ounce – Store Bought #food #foodporn #cooking #yum

A video posted by (@beermumbo) on

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Why You Should Try An Eisbock Beer Right Now



Most people have no idea what in the heck an eisbock beer is.  I was one of those until I started exploring uncommon German beer styles in an effort to widen my palate.  You are unlikely to find a bottle sitting at your favorite local bottle shop. They are costly to produce and need aging before being ready for consumption. Most breweries do not even bother with this style due to the commitment required and minimal fan base. Many brewers may not even know what the style is other than being a bock.  

An eisbock is actually an “ice bock”.  Yes, I said it is an ICE BEER.  The German ice bock is brewed by lagering at 32° F or colder during the secondary fermentation process for an extended amount of time.  The purpose is to freeze the water and create an ice coat that will later be removed.  After removing the ice, a concentrated bock beer is revealed.  Think of it as an extract of itself.  By doing this, the malty flavors are trapped and the ABV generally goes up 5-8 percent. 

The eisbock style was discovered by a mistake that could have cost an assistant brewer his job.  It is said that some casks of doppelbock were left outside by accident and ended up freezing a layer of ice around the beer.  After removing the ice, a potent bock was revealed with a flavor unlike anything before.  The style would become one of the most desired in all of Germany.  This original eisbock mishap can be credited to Kulmbacher Brauerei.  It is still brewed in the original eisbock beer fashion and you can occasionally find it if you are lucky.  They brew it once a year in August/September and  it is traditionally opened at the Eisbock beer festival in March.  If you have an opportunity to grab a Kulmbacher Eisbock, grab a few.  You will not regret it when rewarded with the intense malt and fruity esters that hit your palate.  I would compare it to the uniqueness of a Westvleteren 12.  It is a fantastic beer and a perfect example of why this style is underrated.  

There is nothing on the market like an eisbock.  I promise.

According to ratebeer, the top five eisbocks in the world are:

1 Schneider Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock   12.0% 3.85  
2 Kulmbacher Eisbock   9.2% 3.8  
3 Southampton Double Ice Bock   18.0% 3.77  
4 Ramstein Eis Storm Eisbock   11.5% 3.73  
5 Merciless Blood Stains   20.0% 3.72  

Want to Brew It?


BeerMumbo’s Eisbock
This is a simple 5 gallon all grain recipe that is a supposedly a close hybrid of the Kulmbacher eisbock.  This high gravity dopplebock will make a nice base for an eisbock.  Depending on your efficiency, you should hit between 1.088 and 1.090.

14.0 lbs. – Munich
2.00 lbs.  – Crystal Malt 80L
1.25 lbs. – Crystal 20L
1.00 lb. – Carapils/Dextrin
.500 lbs.  – Chocolate Malt
.5 oz.  – Northern Brewer @ 90 minutes
.5 oz.  – Northern Brewer @ 60 minutes
.5 oz.  – Hallertauer @ 30 minutes
.5 oz.  – Hallertauer @ 0 minutes

• Wyeast 2206 (create a starter) or WLP920

Brewing Steps:
Mash at 150° F for 60 min. Sparge at 168°.
Ferment at 45° F for 5 days.  Bring tempurate up 5 degrees and ferment until you reach 1.028.
Cool the beer to 30° F until the beer forms an ice coating at the top and gravity is 1.010-1.014 (2-3 weeks). If fementation takes a halt, reactivate it with a small starter.  After fermentation is complete, let it cold crash for another 5 days.

Remove 5-8 percent of the ice.  If it is slightly slushy, you can use a sanitized strainer to get some of the ice out.  How much your remove is up to you.  You will want to remove the ice fairly quickly to avoid melting back into the concentrated eisbock. 

Bottling shouldn’t require any priming sugars.  However, adding a fresh packet of yeast before bottling would be a good idea.

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The Beer Knowledge Quiz – How Much Do You Know?

beer quiz

Craft beer is growing at astronomical rates.  So is the general interest in beer.  It seems as if everyone is now an expert on beer.  Take this quick quiz and see how much you know about beer.  The BeerMumbo beer knowledge quiz will tell you where your knowledge stands…


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How To Make A Hidden Beer Bladder


I decided to dig up that old Camelbak and find a way to turn it into a beer bladder.  Why I decided to make this cannot be discussed.  Ok, I made it for cutting the grass.  This Camelbak is getting much more use these days.

If you are not familiar with what a Camelbak is, they are used by runners, bikers, hikers, etc.  At one point in my life, these activities were a possibility and the intended use for a Camelbak made sense.  Now, I am a father of three kids and I only have time to work and drink craft beer.

So here is what I did.  It is super easy and I am happy with the overall result of my impromptu beer bladder.  The beer stayed fairly carbonated and of course other liquids can be added to the new beer bladder.

What do you need?

Picnic Tap

beer bladder

1 – This is a Camelbak. You wear these like a back pack and fill them with water to stay hydrated. They have a cap that you unscrew to fill them with water and a hose that runs up to your mouth. Generally, you have to use the mouth piece at the end like a straw.

beer bladder

2 – The Camelbak has a hose that comes down one of the shoulder straps. Detach the hose and remove the drinking valve at the end of the hose.

beer bladder

3 – Slice a small slit on the backside of the Camelbak and feed the hose back through here. This is needed to provide the gravity flow. Be careful that you do not slice too far and cut the inner wall of the Camelbak. That holds your booze.

picnic tap

4 – This is a picnic tap. You can get these very cheap. It has a release valve to ensure the gravity fed beer does not drain out. Remove the stock end piece and slide the hose on the picnic tap.


5 – Fill it up and wear it like a back pack. I usually hook the picnic tap to my belt loop.

In Final:  Do not forget to strap it on and hide it.  I hope this lame yet easy beer bladder tutorial has helped you find use for the Camelbak that you never use.  Hydrate with water?  Dumb!  Hydrate with beer!  Win!

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Borg Brugghús Welcomes Fenrir Nr.26 – A Sheep Poop Smoked IPA



Borg Brugghús (City Brewery) in Iceland has decided to jump into the craft beer oddity competition with their rendition of poop laced brew. 

Mikkeller made this style a global phenomenon with their Beer Geek Brunch Weasel that used Civet poop because it was rich with coffee flavor.  Gross? Actually, it is Damn good. Sankt Gallen Brewery in Japan also brewed a beer called Kono Kuro using elephant dung. This beer was also praised by many.


The brewers, Sturlaugur Jón Björnsson and Valgeiri Valgeirssyni have used sheep droppings for their latest creation, a West Coast Style Smoked IPA called Fenrir Nr. 26. It also comes in at 6% to keep those poop notes at the front of your palate. I love the desire to be innovative and fun with beer.

Some may say this is ridiculous and it is not craft beer. Sure, making odd beer doesn’t make your beer good. However, Icelanders were under a “Strong Beer” prohibition from 1915-1989. Strong meaning anything over 2.25%. Iceland even celebrates the end of prohibition with Beer Day. After putting up with that BS for so many years, these guys can brew whatever in the hell they want. Maybe next time they’ll just throw a baby lamb into the mash. Totally kidding PETA.

Where does the doo doo come in?

Sorry folks, they don’t actually toss poop into the boiling wort or add it to a secondary.  In Iceland, sheep droppings are often used as a replacement for firewood.  It burns well and for a long time. When smoking the malts, they build a sheep dropping fire and let that delicious flavor saturate for a couple of days.  I highly doubt any poop aromatics shine through.

Here are the brewers with their explanation of Fenrir Nr. 26:

So far, Fenrir Nr. 26 has not performed too bad on RateBeer.  This could be due to the taboo or people not comfortable admitting their love for poop.  If I can get my hands on some, I’ll let you know.

I wonder if they run this through a Randall in their tap room…

25 Awesome and Somewhat Ridiculous Beer Gifts

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How To Make A Beer Can Sleeve

Beer Sleeve

Beer Sleeve

Have you ever heard of a beer can sleeve?  It is an old school trick that works extremely well to conceal a beer and disguise it as a soda. I was shocked to find out that most of my friends in the craft beer community had no idea what a beer sleeve is.  Shame on you all!

Apparently, they didn’t have a rebellious uncle who found ways around the rules and somehow enjoyed every family event. With the growing number of craft breweries switching to cans, it can be of benefit to learn how to make a beer can sleeve.  It may take a few practice attempts but you’ll get it down.  Remember, this could get you in trouble and placed in the chair of shame. Also, never drink with the cut side facing out. It should rest on the inside of your palm. I hope my How-To is clear and concise.

Here is a YouTube How-To video:


If you would prefer a How-To manual, read below

Tools Needed:
Soda Can
Handheld Can Opener
Sturdy Scissors

1.  With a can opener, remove the top and bottom of the can.  Make sure the cutting wheel is on the inside of the can.  Turn the dial away from you until the top and bottom are cut out.

Beer Sleeve


beer sleeve

2. Trim the top metal ring off of the can with scissors.  Trim the bottom of the can right before it tapers in with scissors.  The top should bevel in and the bottom should not.

Beer Sleeve


beer sleeve

3.  Find a spot on the can away from the logos and cut a line from the top to the bottom with scissors.   This needs to be a clean cut and a straight line. If you hack this up, your sleeve will not be convincing.

Beer Sleeve

4.  Roll the sleeve up and rubber band it.  This will make it coil around your beer can better.

Beer Sleeve

5.  Wrap it around your beer and smile at everyone else. Just make sure the cut side is not facing out.

Beer Sleeve


*Doing this can get you in trouble so don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Pepsi and Hudy are not affiliated with BeerMumbo.

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BeerMumbo’s 25 Year Old HuDey Beer Chug Fail

Hu-dey Beer

HuDey Beer

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a little fun wagering Facebook Likes for a HuDey beer chug after one of my readers suggested it.

Stupidly, I promised that I would chug one of my HuDey beers canned in 1988. This season was the last time the Bengals played in a superbowl. It was played on January 22nd, 1989. The #1 song in the country was “My Prerogative”. I was only 9 years old. Ghostbusters II trailer came out. You get the point.

After putting this off for weeks, I realized my readers wouldn’t let this go. Therefore, I had to do it. The beer was must worse than expected.  Actually, it was terrible and my brother just had to say tapioca!

After trying my best to succeed in this challenge, it was apparent the HuDey beer I acquired was likely stored in some seriously harsh conditions resulting in rotten egg/feet aromas and flavors. I WILL give this another attempt and apologize for not pulling through. I blame it on tapioca.

Enjoy my failure and make sure you follow BeerMumbo on whatever social media avenue you use.

So far, the video has been featured on over 500 media outlets including People Magazine, Huffington Post, 700wlw, The Telegraph, MSN, Dailymotion, and many others. I have no idea why. Maybe America enjoys watching a middle aged Dad fail while his brother giggles. Anyways, cheers!







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Andre The Giant – The Baddest Ass Drunk Of All Time

Andre the Giant holding beer

As beer drinkers, we have all had our moments of “one too many“.  We tend to remember and talk about those mishaps.  You know, like the time you drank a 12-pack and fell asleep in your neighbors front yard.  Those are great and all, but they do not even compare to Andre the Giant’s legendary feats of drunken awesomeness!  I have taken the time to research every story I could possibly find to seal the title of “Baddest Ass Drunk Of All Time” for the Giant. This has been written before and the internet is saturated with stories about his drinking accomplishments.  I am simply regurgitating everything I could find on the web.

If you are unfamiliar with how popular Andre Rene Rousimoff was, he was a global household name during his entire career.  Being a global name before the internet and cable television is a feat by itself.  He could not keep up with the demand for appearances.  Along with being so popular came big bucks.  I am talking $15-$25k for an appearance.  That was big money back then.  He knew how to party and was not afraid to spend his money on booze.  Andre the Giant was also known for running some very large bar tabs for his friends and himself.  Everyone loves a guy who pays the bill.  Despite the alleged beer stories listed below, Andre was known to be a very caring man who loved his friends.  His memory should be celebrated for his life accomplishments first and mythical beer achievements second.

Anyways,  here are some awesome beer accomplishments by The Giant:

  • Andre the Giant drank and estimated 7,000 calories of beer everyday. Considering his beer of choice was usually Molsen Canadian I did the math: 7,000 calories per day ÷ 150 calories per can = 46.6 beers per day. How true this is…I have no idea. Regardless, that is a lot of beer!

  • According to some wrestlers, Andre the Giant would drink a case of beer before each match as a warm up.  Who needs a sports drink when you can have a beer or 24.

Andre the Giant card

  • When Hulk Hogan toured Japan with Andre, the giant would drink tall boys like water on the bus.  He would crush the can in his hand (yes one hand), and throw it at Hogan.  Whenever the bus stopped,  Hogan had to buy Andre as many cases of beer as he could carry back onto the bus.  Yes, Hogan was his beer wench.

Hulk Hogan Andre the Giant

  • In 1977, he drank an estimated 75 beers at a bar with “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and refused to take a taxi back to his hotel. He hated sitting in them because of his size. The decision was made to find another way back. He located a horse carriage, lifted the man off of it, and well…stole it.  Andre the Giant and Rhodes took a drunken ride through Manhattan as onlookers watched in shock. Not a single person was willing to challenge the two and when the cops found them, they were drinking brandy at the hotel bar as if nothing happened.

  • He once drank 119 bottles of beer in six hours…and actually passed out in a hotel hallway. He was so large nobody could budge him. Therefore, his friends hid him with a piano cover. Not a single person touched him while he slept that night. Who would be that stupid?


  • Andre the Giant once had a $40,000 hotel bar bill while filming The Princess Bride.


  • Andre the Giant once ate 12 steaks, 15 lobsters, and emptied a restaurant’s entire bar. He was known to make restaurant stay open for hours after they closed so he could satisfy his appetite for food and booze. According to his friends, Andre would usually do this to impress people and the staff had no problem watching his impressive eating.


  • He hated to fly and would often wipe the entire plane’s bar stash out before take off.


  • According Mike Graham, he witnessed The Giant drink 156 beers in a row. This was backed up by Dusty Rhodes and Michael Hayes.


  • According to journalist Bill Apter, he sat and watched Andre the Giant and Harley Race pound beers over the period of a day while they were in New Orleans. The Giant drank 125 beers or more during their day together.
  • What is the most impressive story in my opinion? Apparently, one evening Andre was eating at a restaurant and hadn’t had a drink in a while. He was very cranky that evening and four guys made the mistake of taunting him. After ignoring their antics for a short period of time, Andre had his fill. He followed them out to their car and flipped the entire car over in a rage. Hogan was right, a drunk Giant was a happier giant.



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My Sixpoint Beer Score

Sixpoint Resin

A few weeks ago I stopped in my neighborhood gas station to pick up a six pack of beer.  Sadly, the closest thing to craft beer was Third Shift.  I will not bash the beer but it is not what I consider craft by any means.  I made a comment to the owner that he should order some craft beer for guys like me. A few days later I walked into the cooler to see this beautiful display of Sixpoint beers in a round cooler. I bought three cans.

sixpoint cooler

The next day I stopped in again to buy some more Sixpoint singles and he made a comment that people were buying them thinking they were energy drinks.  He said the local residents only drink cheap light beers or malt liquor.

I offered to stop in and buy them a few times a week so he would not take a total loss.  He wanted to know if I was willing to buy all of them.  Well hell yeh for the right price!

Jokingly, I offered him $30 for all of the beers in the cooler.  He came back with $60 for everything in the cooler plus some 4-packs.  My final offer was $46 for the beers in the cooler,  the 4-packs, a bag of BBQ Grippos and the actual cooler they were sitting in. Supposedly, he got a deal on them in the first place and was happy with my offer. Deal was done! We were both happy!

Sixpoint truck
Precious Haul

I packed my truck up with every single can he had and happily drove away knowing I just scored some awesome craft beer for pennies to the dollar.  No matter what,  I was going to find a way to fit these in my refrigerator even if my wife made me sleep on the couch for a week.  It was well worth it!

Sixpoint beer fridge
Brew Fridge

After moving most of my wife’s food and drinks into the bottom and getting yelled at for 10 minutes,  I had a fridge full of awesomeness.  Close to $300 worth of beer love for $46.  After my wife saw the beautiful arrangement in our fridge, she immediately forgave me.

21 Crisp
19 Apollo
18 Resin
43 Bengali Tiger
1 Bag of BBQ Grippos
1 Sweet Cooler