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East Walnut Hills Meets The Woodburn Brewery


The community of East Walnut Hills just found out about a new addition to their business district.  Soon residents will have a brewery and taproom to call their own.  By soon I mean, likely Q3 of this year.  Everything is in line and construction will move ahead quickly once a few permits and legal items are cleared.

The Woodburn Brewery is located at 2800 Woodburn Ave. in the heart of East Walnut Hills.  Some neighbors are Myrtle’s Punch House, The Growler House, and a pie shop due to open soon.  This is a business district moving ahead with serious revitalization efforts underway.  

 The building is 4k square foot and was built in 1909 as a theater for the Cincinnati Motion Picture Company.  You can still see the ghostly image of the screen in back.  It was later used as a bank for years.  The original iron ceiling plates are visible as well as exposed brick.  There is overwhelming character and it is clear why this had to be the location.  You can see one of the old bank safes sitting on the floor.  According to Woodburn, it weighs over 1 million pounds and they will need to rent a crane to remove it.

The conjoined building was opened as a bakery.  It shares the same early 1900’s rustic appearance.  They plan on preserving the historical content.

The Beers

The space will require some creative use and essentially they will be using this 4k square foot as if it were 10k square foot.  Anything that can reside externally will.  Such as a grain silo, glycol chiller, etc.  They will have a 20bbl brew system.


Heading up the brewing side of Woodburn will be Chris Mitchell.  He has an extensive wealth of knowledge and has served as the city’s homebrew expert at Listermann for many years.  Most of our existing brewers in Cincinnati have come through the doors at Listermann a time or two.  Or in my case, daily.  He has nothing but appreciation and respect for the entire crew at Listermann

So what will they be brewing at Woodburn?  Here are some of the beers you can expect to see at Woodburn:

 Cedar IPA:

I know you are very curious about this beer.  I’ve had this beer many times and Chris has won numerous awards.  This beer has a dominant cedar aroma and taste.  It is a fantastic and unique brew.  Actually, it is one of my favorite beers!

Pineapple Saison:

Cincinnati has yet to see a Saison that really sits on a podium of excellence and uniqueness.  This saison utilizes fresh pineapple to create a very refreshing finish.  This will be that saison of excellence.

Roasted Red:

This is an interesting yet excellent approach to a red ale.  It has the appearance of a burgundy red with a roasted aroma and taste.  Look at it as a Red Ale/Porter hybrid.  Very unique and delicious.

Authentic German Pilsner

I will say this is the beer I am most excited about.  Through a contact, Chris was able to get a hold of a gold medal award winning Pilsner straight from Germany.  It was created by Ingolf Steinkamp for his German brewery BrauHaus Espelkamp.  This recipe is so German it had to be translated.  Golden in color with a dense head.  It is well hopped with spicy and floral notes. 

Chris has made is very clear that The Woodburn Brewery will brew unique and exciting beers.  He is not afraid to be creative and push the button.  Coming from a community of homebrewers, Chris wants to make it welcome to other recipes and idea.  At first they will keep the beers for the taproom patrons only with hopes of future distribution.  Eventually, you can expect bottled beers special releases and possibly some cans.  Chris has a strong interest in sours, barrel aged beers, and creative releases.

They are even dreaming up the possibility of ciders, meads, and wine.  The rooftop will likely be used as a bee colony to cultivate their own honey source.  I can tell you now that it will happen.  Chris loves the art of wine making and wants to share this with Cincinnati.


A personal note:

I have known Chris Mitchell for some time now and if you want to support a great guy, he is more than deserving.  I wish him the best and cannot wait for my city to try the beers. Cheers!