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Happy Two Year Anniversary to BeerMumbo

Photo credit: My little brother when he got Monopoly for xmas

As most of you probably do not know, my nickname in college was “Dan the no beer man”.  Why?  I did not drink a drop of booze until I was in my early twenties.  There really is no explanation for my lack of interest.  The skunk piss beers my friends were drinking were not pleasing the palate.  My first alcoholic beverage of interest was Smirnoff Ice.  Yes, I was THAT GUY drinking the soccer mom beer at the club.  So embarassing!  I hope that doesn’t ruin my highly respected street cred and the value of  

Since I totally forgot to celebrate the one year milestone in 2013, I will do it this year in 2014.  Two years ago in May of 2012, I launched this shindig as a hobby because my wife wouldn’t let me watch anything on TV at night.  Instead of watching the Duggars or The Little Couple, I drank beer and wrote about it.  I still do and with more frequency.  It has been amazing so far and I have met life long friends in the craft beer community as a result.  I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting the site and putting up with my over the top antics and inappropriate writing style.  It is much appreciated and I cannot wait to push this brand into something more than just a website and social media profile.  I am thinking something bigger…

Since launching BeerMumbo we have:

-Had over 450,000 visitors
-Averaged over 800 visitors per day
-Got signed up with WCPO as a contributing writer (Thank you Jesse Folk)
-Drank over 600 beers that I was sober enough to log on Untappd
-Brewed a commercial batch of beer with Cellar Dweller called Shutdown Cocoa Brown
-Won the CannonBLOG brewing competition that occured at Fifty West with Whiskey Morning
-Welcomed another daughter to the family. I love you Lulu!
-Joined a gym, went 3 times, and still pay for that gym membership because I am too lazy to call and cancel it.
-Published in Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine
-Managed to crash the server twice thanks to a stupid write up that I did about Andre the Giant



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