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BeerMumbo’s 25 Year Old HuDey Beer Chug Fail

Hu-dey Beer

HuDey Beer

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a little fun wagering Facebook Likes for a HuDey beer chug after one of my readers suggested it.

Stupidly, I promised that I would chug one of my HuDey beers canned in 1988. This season was the last time the Bengals played in a superbowl. It was played on January 22nd, 1989. The #1 song in the country was “My Prerogative”. I was only 9 years old. Ghostbusters II trailer came out. You get the point.

After putting this off for weeks, I realized my readers wouldn’t let this go. Therefore, I had to do it. The beer was must worse than expected.  Actually, it was terrible and my brother just had to say tapioca!

After trying my best to succeed in this challenge, it was apparent the HuDey beer I acquired was likely stored in some seriously harsh conditions resulting in rotten egg/feet aromas and flavors. I WILL give this another attempt and apologize for not pulling through. I blame it on tapioca.

Enjoy my failure and make sure you follow BeerMumbo on whatever social media avenue you use.

So far, the video has been featured on over 500 media outlets including People Magazine, Huffington Post, 700wlw, The Telegraph, MSN, Dailymotion, and many others. I have no idea why. Maybe America enjoys watching a middle aged Dad fail while his brother giggles. Anyways, cheers!







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