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Craft Beer Spot – Dutch’s Bar and Bottle Shop (Hyde Park, OH)

Dutch's Hyde Park

A lot of people ask me where to find a great selection of craft beer.  The answer to that is actually multiple places. However, My #1 favorite place has to be Dutch’s Bar & Bottle Shop in Hyde Park.  It is a unique place to stop and grab some craft beer! 

Just imagine walking up to a garage on the side of the road and a massive wall of beer awaits.  Literally hundreds of varieties on display right along the side walk on Erie Ave.  Some of the empty bottles on display have faded labels from their difficult job of posing in the direct sunlight for potential buyers.  Behind the wall of beer is a walk in cooler holds priceless amounts of booze. Their knowledgeable staff always has recommendations even for beer guys like me. Sometimes, I find myself engaging in beer conversations with staff/customers for nearly 30 minutes.

Dutch’s has craft beers available that could make the biggest beer snob golf clap and all you have to do is point and say “I want that one…and that one…and that one…etc.”  Local varieties! Rare releases!  Build a 6-pack or 12-pack consisting of bottles of your choice.  I go overboard every single time and I never regret it!

After you complete the epic beer haul, go inside and take advantage of one of the best selections of craft beer on draft. Dutch’s takes the time to find rare kegs and local kegs that you will not find anywhere else. I have yet to stop in and be disappointed in the carryout, bar selections, or food menu.  The truffle popcorn is so good it should be illegal.
Where is this place?
3378 Erie Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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