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Fifty West Brewing Company Has Brought Some Serious Game

Residing in one of Cincinnati’s most important historic landmarks is the future of Cincinnati craft breweries.  Fifty West is located in what most of us know as the former Heritage Restaurant building located on Wooster Pike.  The Fifty West team took this vacant building and flipped it into one of Cincinnati’s best brewery/tap room experiences.  While keeping the character, they blended some new age technology into the historical backbone of this awesome building.  You have to check it out!

I went on a Friday night with my wife and our 1 month old baby to see what all of the hype was about coming from my friend The Brew Professor.  Upon pulling into the parking lot we noticed it was nearly full.  I parked and walked inside to see how busy it really was.  This place was crazy busy with people, yet we were invited to come in with our baby (there were other babies in there too which is awesome) and we are so glad we did.

The crowd was great with a large diversity in people and ages.  Everyone was friendly.  It was like Cheers except they served good beer.  We quickly found a seat and immediately fell in love with the vibe and relaxing atmosphere.  The decor is clean yet keeps the historical feel of the building.  You would have no idea that a brewery is also located in this building.  Before coming in, we were expecting more of a warehouse with beer brewers sloshing around in rubber boots.  It is the complete opposite which makes Fifty West the most inviting place I have been in a while and by far the most inviting brewery I have ever been to.

The bar is full of Fifty West beers served by a kick ass bar staff.  They were pouring beers non stop without time to take a breath.  That is a clue as to how good the beer is. We tried most of the beers on draft and I will have to say,  they do not make a bad beer.  As a matter of fact,  they do not make a good beer.  They make amazing beers.  I am personally a hop head and I cannot say enough about their Forgot Stevie 2x IPA, Thirty-37 APA, and Coast to Coast IPA.  These are unbelievable beers and give any of the top hoppy beers a real run for their money.  Did I mention they have awesome pretzels with beer cheese?  Anyways, here is a list of their beers:

We will definitely be returning to this new Cincinnati hot spot.  Hell,  I would go everyday if my wife would allow me that option.  These guys know what they are doing and Fifty West has officially set the bar high.  Go check them out!

7668 Wooster Pike

Cincinnati, OH 45227

Monday:  Making Beer
 Making Beer
:  Making Beer
  5pm – 12am
5pm – 2am
12pm – 2am
12pm – 12am

Additional Pictures of Fifty West Brewing Company: